Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Finance Internship and What to Expect From It

If you are planning to start your career in investment banking, an internship in finance will help you to a great extent. It will open doors for you to make your career in financial services a success.

As per a study from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, in 2013, approximately 63% college graduates participated in paid internships and received at least one job offer once their stint ended.

There is no doubt that the financial services industry is one of the most competitive industries you will be breaking into. With finance internship, you will get to analyze the flow of money into and out of investments that are made. It will also get you prepared for jobs with a big paycheck in the industry. Whether you wish to be an accountant, an investment banker, stock broker, hedge fund manager or a financial advisor, you can get a good start in the public, personal and business finance categories through internship.

Here are some of the benefits of taking up internship:
  • As mentioned-above, it will help you in getting acquainted with the financial industry.
  • It will give you a chance to investigate small, medium as well as large firms for job opportunities.
  • In case you are not sure what role you want to take up once your studies are over, internship will help you make a decision.
  • It will allow you to distinguish yourself from other students, giving you an edge when it comes to finding a job.
You can take up a summer internship program because it will help you bridge the completion of one academic year with the start of another. Since you will come across various programs for summer internships 2017, make sure you invest time in choosing the right option.

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